Why Sofia Film?

You are a globally established brand, a still unrecognized startup or a well-known media. You want your product/ service to reach the right audience.
Sofia Film will create, realize and present the desired vision for your clients, as well as distribute the created content to the right social/ television media.


We use our imagination, so that we can recreate your original ideas.


Our staff is highly educated in the field they are responsible for. We have our own professional film equipment and we rent equipment, if needed.

Adventourous & innovative

High mountains, rocky sceneries, freezing and hot weather won’t scare us. We even embrace it and look forward to film the needed scenario, even if we have to go to other side of the world for it.


We approach the marketing strategy of a short film or a commercial with a clear plan and a focus on the end goal. This helps us being consistent and aligning every piece of film marketing with an end goal.

About Us

We approach the production of a short film or a commercial with a clear alignment between the marketing strategy and the end goal of the client.

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